I see my growth

By how less and less

I am brought down

By ill intentioned frequencies

My intuition guides me instinctively

The night is young

Let it be shrouded in mystery


Awaken PT IV

Humanity’s enemy

Wants us motionless

Obese and apathetic

Motion is energy

Harness it

Every religion is based

Off of something greater

Millions of years old

The truth of truths

Ask yourself

Why they strive so hard

To keep you from knowledge of self

Meditations III

I feel my energy resonating

The path is narrow

But my vision broad

I am no longer enclosed

In the illusion of a box

My thoughts are all outsiders


No form of art could ever hope to imitate

The perfection

That you embody, darling

Nature’s best artist

Outdid his stroke

The day you were born


There’s something about

The darkness of your eyes

That calms the demon in me

Does he see the hope?

Is there a piece of him

That still desires to be loved?

Even fallen angels

Want someone to catch them


I listen to the language of emotion

Gut feelings

And palpitations

You look at eyes and words

I look inside for my validation


Promises made and not kept

Regret from actions taken too late

If there were a rewind button

Would you press it?

Don’t answer that, darling

Stay present


It takes self love

In order to create a temple

For love to be invoked

Without it

Love cannot manifest

It cannot exist

Between two empty souls

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